Nathan is NZ’s highest T20 international wicket taker, claiming 55 scalps in 61 matches and is also the most capped.

Nathan’s T20 Internationals economy rate of 6.90 makes him one of just 4 bowlers in the world to have bowled over 150+ overs at an economy rate of under 7. On top of that, he’s the 2nd most successful NZ spinner performer with a total ODI tally of 63 wickets. In other words, he’s a freakin’ cricket genius! (And a total sweetheart).

When Nathan’s not smashing runs and taking wickets, he’s all up for juicing juice, getting stuck in the garden and spending quality time with his growing family. We caught up with Nathan to learn bit more about the everyday life of this living legend.

Got 'em!

Nathan McCullum

What’s your connection to Almighty?
Love juice and want to be involved in making new, exciting and meaningful products.

Where are you based?
Glendowie, Auckland (but born-and-bred Dunedin lad) :)

Favourite vegetable?

Favourite fruit?

Thoughts on gardening?
Just getting into it and keen to learn more.

Ideal weekend out with Mamma Nature?
Out walking in parks with my family 3 little boys: Luke (6), Jake (4), Tom (2) and my fiancé, Vanessa.

What would you choose to have as your last supper?
Anything I have cooked. Eye fillet with kumara, asparagus and broccoli.

Fave Almighty juice?
Guava, Lime & Basil.

Any words of wisdom? (Favourite quote or some personal thoughts).
BTB (always be “Better Than Before” in whatever you do).

Harvesting herbs

A true gentleman