J-Rad / Jerry / JB. Call him what you will. This season’s almighty legend is our much-loved creative director, Mr Jarred Bishop.

What’s your connection to Almighty?
I am a shareholder and Almighty’s Creative Director. We have been working together since day one and it has been extremely rewarding to see (and help!) the brand grow and evolve the way it has. When I’m not working for Almighty I operate a tiny design studio called Output.

Where are you based?
Wellington. I moved down here from Auckland about 10 years ago and love the cities intimacy and proximity to nature.

Favourite vegetable?

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Favourite fruit?
Tomatoes 😏

Thoughts on gardening?
It’s therapeutic and rewarding! My garden at home is wild and modest but it’s hard to beat having fresh herbs on hand to add to a meal.

Ideal weekend out with Mamma Nature?
A crew, a long walk in the bush to a warm hut with a good bottle of whiskey.

What would you choose to have as your last supper?
Something cooked slowly in a charcoal BBQ with a variety of salads, people and beverages.

Fave Almighty juice?
Gotta be the Carrot, Orange and Turmeric