Here at Almighty we’re all about community. We’d love to introjuice the amazing peeps involved in the process of getting Almighty from Mamma Nature’s fertile soil all the way to your belly. Plus our team of garden gurus who are helping grow the vege garden empire here in NZ.

This season’s Almighty legend is our marvelous managing director, Adán Tijerina, (aka Tuco). Ex-owner of Matterhorn, recent GM of Orchestra Wellington, percussionist extraordinaire and Dad to four beautiful boys with a Masters Degree in Education to boot… Adán’s a busy chap with a wealth of knowledge and life experience. We caught up with Adán (we catch up every day but y’know) and hit him with the big questions.

Adán getting stuck in with the kids at Epuni Primary School.

What’s your connection to Almighty?
I am a Founder and the Managing Director. I also volunteer both in the garden and in the kitchen with the Common Unity Project at Epuni Primary School.

Where are you based?
Wellington at the moment, but I seem to be spending an increasing amount of time up in Auckland… We recently moved into a great office space on Marion St in the Garage Project ‘Wild Workshop.’

Favourite vegetable?
Broccoli. Mos def. I love the stuff and even eat it raw as a snack (with sea salt and cayenne pepper). Weird, I know…

Favourite fruit?

Thoughts on gardening?
I did much more gardening as a child than I have as an adult, which is partly what leads me to believe that food education at an early age is so important. Spending time in the garden with my grandfather as a child was a memorable experience, but mostly because I always got chased by the damn rooster! It was that essential learning in formative years that led to my current interest and efforts in digging vege gardens in schools and teaching kids how to grow and cook with fresh produce.

Ideal weekend out with Mamma Nature?
I have an affinity for urban environments, particularly those in which planners integrate green spaces in and immediately around them. I grew up in Washington State in the US, so was spoiled for choice when it came to unspoilt and wild spaces to explore. To be honest, I have spent most of my time with Mother Nature in city parks and reserves. My ideal weekend would be most definitely in a park with my family engaging in community activity, be it a music festival, a game of footy, a gardening workshop, a food fair, whatever. Parks need to be seen more as everyday outdoor community centres and not as just places to play with the kids on a Saturday afternoon.

Adán and Vic delivering the goods

What would you choose to have as your last supper?
Most probably ‘pozole’, which is a very traditional Mexican stew. It is made of hominy corn, pork and different spices and chillies depending on the region. My favourite is ‘pozole rojo’ (red pozole) made with ‘guajillo’, ‘piquín’ and ‘ancho’ chillies. Maize has always been a sacred plant for us Mexicans, so it retains its position in modern Mexican society as a dish reserved for only the specialist of occasions - I’d hope that my last supper qualifies.

Fave Almighty juice?
Carrot, Orange and Turmeric, but I am looking forward to the new spring flavour coming out in October…