How To Grow (and Regrow): Spring Onions

Spring onions are a fast growing plant that prefer well-drained soil and good nutrition. They can be planted at various times of the year, though, December is ideal. Plant seeds 1.5cm deep either in a pot or directly into your vege patch with approximately 5cm spaces in between and cover gently with good nutritious soil. If using seedlings, make sure to separate roots thoroughly and allow decent spacing between plants.

Water your seeds or seedlings whenever the soil looks dry. Do be careful not to overwater as this can create excess length and weakness. Monitor your spring onions over the next 6-7 weeks and dispose of any weeds.

Depending on climate and conditions, the spring onions should be ready in approximately 8-12 weeks. The plants are prime for eating when the leaves are tall and proud, luscious and vibrant green.

Hot tip: Did you know you can regrow spring onions? When chopping scallions for cooking, simply leave approximately 1.5cm of the white end intact, place in a bowl of water with the stems facing up and in a few days the stalks will begin to regrow. Once sprouted, dig a hole in your garden or pot to the same depth as the roots and replant. Provide plenty of water, and voilĂ ! Round two of these glorious greens. As long as there are roots remaining, the method works for store-bought spring onions as well.