Little Yellow Food Truck

Picking sage for the truck’s famous pork belly dish.

18+ years as a chef meant Trev was the man for the job to launch LYFT in Auckland in December, 2016. Trevor’s commitment to serving up and celebrating organic produce plucked fresh from his garden alongside quality meats and other ingredients makes for some seriously happy punters whenever LYFT pulls up.

Some of Trevor’s write-home-about dishes include gnocchi with zucchini, green beans, baby carrots and cumin spiced almonds; crispy pork belly with potato pancake and honey soused vegetables or crumbed chicken with creme fraiche, purple kale and pickled cucumber. We hit Trev with a few questions about garden life and his passion for greens.

Go into the garden and see what’s on the menu.

Hide and seek behind the compost bin with Lilly.

Why not preserve for the winter?

What do you love most about gardening?
It is very satisfying knowing that you have grown something yourself. When you’re thinking about dinner, you can just go into the garden and see what’s on the menu.

What makes your garden super awesome?
We are blessed to have a nice bit of space where we can grow some veggies. Its main purpose is to grow fresh vegetables - different produce from kohlrabi to herbs to use on the truck - to the more common vegetables we use for ourselves at home.

Krauts and pickles from the garden.

What’s your favourite vegetable to grow?
We love peas. I had a dream of having all these fresh peas to use in the truck. My daughter and my wife would pick and eat the peas out of the pod whenever they would have the chance, leaving me with not much to use.

Cabbage patch kids.

What do you tend to cook from your garden?
It really does depend on what the garden is giving. Could be a simple fresh pasta with zucchini, purple kale, green beans and radish or even making tomato ketchup from the tomatoes (has less salt/sugar then the ones you buy in the shop), or relish from the beetroots.

Favourite Almighty juice?
Beetroot, Blackcurrant & Ginger is my fave - though saying that they are all amazing.

Lastly, do you have an Almighty gardening tip?
Preserve! Sometimes you’ll get more produce than you can eat. Why not preserve for the winter? :)

It was love at first sight when Trevor met Daisy (the truck).

Kohlrabi roots.

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