Guy Morris
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Hawkes Bay landscaping legend, rugby hero and old school rock ‘n roller, Guy Morris, is an Almighty old mate from way back. Based in Napier, Hawkes Bay, with his wife and three kids, Guy’s passion for passionfruits, permaculture and growing the green stuff has manifested into a DIY home vege garden fit for a king.

Guy’s place is just down from Almighty organic apple grower, John Bostock. On our last orchard visit we popped in to see Guy, chew the fat, some grapes and other morsels and took a tour of his awesome edible family garden.

If you get your soil right, you will be amazed at what you can grow.

Gimme shelter. (Feijoa tree shelter)


What got you into gardening?
Helping my grandparents when I was little. Both my grandparents had extensive gardens. One of my grandparents’ gardens won a few awards. Harvesting was always the fruits of our labor.

What makes your garden super awesome?
It’s a wild garden of plants that I like and that we use. I’ve based my garden on the permaculture philosophy by letting the garden do it’s own thing. I pluck when needed without having to put too much effort into it. I’ve finally got to a point where there is so much seed in the garden that there always seems to be something good growing.

Our son Tom will help, he’s got green thumbs.

DIY glasshouse

Favourite fruit to grow?
One thing I have really enjoyed growing since being in the bay is our table grapes. They are so abundant the kids sell them on the street. Berries are also a fave, there’s nothing like plucking a juicy sweet strawberry. OMEGA PLUMS!

Do your kids help in the garden?
The kids love harvesting, who doesn’t. But I do make sure they understand the process of growing. Our son Tom will help, he’s got green thumbs.

Tommy helping pick the green beans

Do you prefer silence, music or other sounds while in the garden?
I do enjoy listening to music while gardening, a bit of old school classic rock is always good to serenade the veggies. But the sound of nature is just as pleasing.

Do you compost? What do you consider compost gold?
I love compost. I think about it a lot. Borage, seaweed (wash out the salt first) and grass clippings gets my compost exciting. But I put everything in, I break all the rules - weeds, food scraps and chicken shit all make the cut. I turn it over once before it goes in the garden.

Favourite Almighty juice?
The Almighty beetroot is great.

Lastly, do you have an Almighty gardening tip?
If you get your soil right, you will be amazed at what you can grow.

… 10, 11, 12 …

Currency at Vigor Brown St, Napier

Classic rock is always good to serenade the veggies

Nearly oranges