Mother Earth needs some love. She and her kids are sick of being sprayed, plucked, smashed, and covered in tarmac.

What she wants is some adoration; a little bit of thanks, a tiny bit of recognition and a whole lot of help.

That’s where we come in.

We’re Almighty.
We make juice in New Zealand from some of the world’s best organic fruit and veggies.

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We keep our juice close to the source—because when the Earth gives us fruit and veg this good, there’s no need to gussy it up.

We create our flavours in Wellington at our research juicery, coming up with combinations like Beetroot, Blackcurrant and Ginger, or the more exotic Guava, Lime & Basil. Then we send them out all over Aotearoa, so you can get a little taste of Mamma Earth wherever you are.

Best of all, our juice is for everyone. It’s packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and doesn’t contain any added sugar.

Kids get a boost to their daily intake of fruit and veg, while those with more adult tastes can add a splash of their favourite booze for a cocktail that flies under the radar—like a Carrot Bloody Mary or Beetroot Sangria.

You can find our juice at great cafes, restaurants, bars or grocers. Let us know if you want to be a stockist.

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Like you, we’re pretty fussy about what we put in our bodies. We don’t want to be mucking around with nasty chemicals, unsustainable farming practices and goodness knows what else.

We get our carrots from Timaru, our blackcurrants from Canterbury, our turmeric from Fiji and our apples from John Bostock in the Hawkes Bay. We’re not shy about telling you where our produce comes from because we know we’re getting the best Mamma Earth has to offer.

It’s important that our suppliers share our values, which is why we take time to get to know who’s growing our fruit and veggies and to understand a bit about them. We believe in fair trade and sustainable business practices and we work hard to make sure these standards are met: from pick to first sip.

our produce

our story

We love drinking juice and getting our hands dirty.

We began making small batches of cold pressed juice in Wellington and honed our technique and recipes and after some careful thinking and planning, decided to bring Almighty to the people.

For us helping Kiwi kids get the chance to learn more about where food comes from and have a go at growing it is why we started Almighty Juice.

As we say it all comes down to a few simple things - Shake well, do good.

As well as making some seriously tasty juice, we believe in giving back—to the Earth and to our local communities.

For every bottle of Almighty juice sold we donate 3c towards building vege gardens in New Zealand schools. As well as teaching Kiwi kids the skills to grow their own food, these gardens help them learn how delicious healthy eating can be. School gardens also help to foster kids’ pride: in their school, their community, and in themselves.

And we’re not afraid to get our own hands dirty. We’re giving Mamma Earth some love by volunteering in community and school gardens every week, and are bringing other switched on organisations with us.

Mamma Earth was on our mind on we made the conscious choice not to use plastic bottles. We use 100% recyclable glass and cardboard boxes and ensure that all our produce is from certifiable organic farms.

Keen to get stuck in? Drop us a line.

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